A.2 Error Messages

Cannot allocate memory for text

You have requested WinVN to do an operation that would take more system memory than Windows currently has available. Close some other applications and then retry the operations or increase your windows SWAPFILE.

Can't Setup Socket, Initialization Error

WinVN is unable to communicate to the Windows TCP/IP socket interface. Check to see if your WSOCKETS.DLL is properly installed in your windows directory.

Can't Open new Window

You have too many article or group windows open. You must close one of your windows before you can create another. If you get this error often you may want to consider unselecting the option New Window for Each Article from the Configure Article-List or Configure Article menus. This will reuse existing article windows instead of creating new ones each time.

Could not connect to News Server

WinVN could not establish an NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) session with the News server specified in the WINVN.INI file. Check to see if the NNTPort number is set to 119 or whoever is valid for your News Server. Call your system manager and insure that your News Server is up and that you have the proper privileges to run the News protocol. Some servers restrict the times, hours or number of users allowed on the server host. If WinVN has previously worked, try selecting RESET SERVER PROTOCOL from the Options menu.

Could not write to File

WinVN was requested to save an article, configuration file, or log file and received an error message from the operating system. Check the disk to see if it is full and delete unnecessary files.

Could Not resolve Hostname

WinVN could not produce an Internet address from the host name specified in the NNTPhost entry of the WINVN.INI file. Check to see if the host name is misspelled or if the DNRTSR network driver is not loaded before windows is started. Attempt to replace the name with the valid Internet address for that host.

Environment variable WINVN not set

WinVN could not find your WINVN.INI or NEWSRC file. WinVN looks for these files in the directory specified by the WINVN environment variable. WinVN uses environment variables so that it does not have to hardcode a location for these files. Since these files can contain information unique to an individual user and potentially more than one user can use a PC, this environment variable should point to a different disk location for each user. The preferred way to set this variable is to include a default value for WINVN in your DOS AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Then, if you have a multi-user network setup on your computer, place an additional SET command in each users LOGIN and LOGOUT scripts. The name of these scripts will change from vendor to vendor.

	Network Logout Script 	EXITUSER.BAT	SET WINVN=C:\WINVN\
You can also override using the environment variable entirely by passing filenames on the command line.

Error Finding Next Window

WinVN thinks there are more article or group windows but is unable to locate them. This is an internal system error and some of WinVN's data structures are inconsistent. Exit WinVN and restart.

Error Parsing xxx

WinVN is having trouble understanding information specified in your WINVN.INI initialization file. Look at the line identified in the error message and examine the contents of the WINVN.INI file for any errors.

Error in WhatLine, Hit end of Document

WinVN prematurely encountered the end of an article while attempting to calculate the line number of text being displayed. This should never happen but may be possible if internal windows memory gets corrupted. Close the Article window and Group window and reselect.

No Such Newsgroup

The newsgroup you requested has been removed from the News Server between the time you requested a list of newsgroups and requested articles from the group. Newsgroups are not removed from a News Server very often so this may indicate a problem with your networks News Server. Contact your News Server system administrator.

Out of Memory Error or Memory Allocation Failure

You have requested WinVN to do an operation that would take more system memory than Windows currently has available. Close some other applications and then retry the operations or increase your windows SWAPFILE.

Posting Failed

Your posted response to an article failed and was not accepted by the server. Check with your News Server administrator to ensure you have posting permissions on the server. Also make sure you have not corrupted any required system headers at the start of your message.

Socket Failed, Have you loaded the network?

WinVN was unable to open a TCP/IP socket connection. This can happen if the networking software on your PC is misconfigured. Make sure there is a WSOCKETS.DLL in your Windows directory and that the SOCKTSR and TCP/IP drivers are loaded.

Sorry, WinVN is busy communications with the news server

WinVN has not completed a previous operation and the user is requesting another one. This can happen if a very large newsgroup is being requested or if the network or server crashes during an operation. Wait a bit longer and if the operation fails to complete, go to the Main Window and select the RESET SERVER PROTOCOL option from the Network menu. This will force WinVN to abort the previous request and start a new one.

Unable to open the NEWSRC file

WinVN is unable to open your NEWSRC file. WinVN stores all of your newsgroup information in the NEWSRC file and it will not automatically create one of these files for you. If you don't have such a file, store an empty file by the name NEWSRC in the same directory where your WINVN.INI file is located or copy the sample NEWSRC from the distribution disk. If you are using a networked mounted disk to share your NEWSRC file between multiple systems or even operating systems, insure that you are not logged in on the other system with the NEWSRC file locked.

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