3.8.1 What is "Subscribing"?

"Subscribing" to a newsgroup means telling a news reader that you are interested in tracking, selecting, and viewing articles in that group. Most news readers support the concept of "subscribing" to newsgroups as a means of simplifying the way that you interact with the news reader. There are probably over 1000 newsgroups in which you are not interested; if you are not subscribed to these newsgroups, a news reader need not bother prompting you with information on these groups.

WinVN also supports the concept of subscribing to a newsgroup, but primarily as a means of providing compatibility with other news readers. WinVN's windowed, point-and-click interface makes it less necessary for it to resort to the somewhat artificial distinction between newsgroups in which you are interested and newsgroups in which you are not interested. You can always access any newsgroup simply by scrolling to its name and clicking on it.

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