3.2.1 Follow-up Articles

A followup article has the same "Subject:" line as the article which inspired it. (The notation "Re:" is added.) This makes it easier for other Usenet News users browsing the newsgroup to follow the discussion. Also, a followup article typically selectively quotes the earlier article, again to make the discussion easier to follow.

To compose a followup article, select the Followup Article option from the Respond menu or toolbar of an article window. WinVN creates a composition window. The headers of the article in this window are filled in with information taken from your Personal Info configuration and from the header of the referenced article. The full text of the referenced article is also included in the posting window, with each line preceded by a ">" to indicate that another article is being quoted. You should delete irrelevant quoted lines in your followup article. Some news servers will reject postings which contain more quoted text than new text.

You may optionally send a copy to the original author of the posting via an electronic mail message by typing the author’s return address in the “Cc:” header field. You can configure the composition window to pre-fill the “Cc:” address during followup. See Configure Compose.

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