2.2.1 Using the Mouse and Keyboard from the Newsgroup Window

From the Newsgroup window, clicking the mouse anywhere on the window while a network operation is in progress will update the information on the screen with the current downloaded information. Once all the article header information has been downloaded and the Newsgroup window is fully populated, the mouse operations are:

  Mouse Left			Mark/Unmark an article for further consideration
  Drag Mouse Left		Mark/Unmark multiple articles 
  Mouse Double-Click Left	Select article for viewing

  Mouse Middle			Toggle the read/unread state of an article
  Drag Mouse Middle		Toggle read/unread state of multiple articles
  Shift Mouse Left 		Same as Mouse Middle

  Mouse Right			Toggle read/unread flag for this article
  Mouse Double-Click Right	Mark all articles above this one as "seen".
From the Newsgroup Window, certain keys can be used to quickly access some of WinVN's windows and menus. WinVN attempts to follow Microsoft Windows keynaming conventions whenever possible. Every menu option in WinVN has one underlined letter in its descriptive text. Pressing the ALT key and this underlined letter will perform the same action as clicking on that item with the mouse. The following table contains an additional list of keys available from WinVN's Newsgroup window:
  F3		Find Next
  F6		Switch between Windows
  Pg Dn		Scroll Article List Down a Page
  Pg Up		Scroll Article List Up a Page
  Down Arrow	Scroll Article List Down one Line
  Up Arrow	Scroll Article List Up one Line
  Alt F4	Exit
  Ctrl A	Select all text in Article for Copy
  Ctrl D	Deselect all Selected Text
  Ctrl F 	Find an Article
  Ctrl U	Update the list of Articles

WinVN Documentation created by Jim Dumoulin / NASA - Kennedy Space Center.
HyperTexted by Michael Downs / NASA - Kennedy Space Center.