2.2 Newsgroup Article-List Window

Group windows contain a list of subjects of articles in a given newsgroup. Double-clicking Left on the subject line of an article causes that article to be retrieved into an article window. Other operations you can do from this window can be found under the Articles, Sort and Search Menu's.

Group windows initially appear in the upper right area of the screen. It is possible to have up to 4 group windows open at any one time. See Config Menu Commands.

The first character of each subject line in a group window gives information about that article:

Space	WinVN has no information on the status of this article, or that this article was available in a previous WinVN session and you chose not to view it.
>	This article has been selected as the result of the previous Find operation.
s	This article has already been seen.  It will also show up as a different color.
n	This article is new since your last WinVN session.
The other fields in the window are:

Article Number:

Article Date: Authors Name: Article Size: Article Title: Located directly below the Menu bar on the Newsgroup window is the Newsgroup Window Tool Bar. From this area of the screen it is possible to access the most frequently used menu items of the Menu bar via a single mouse click. This includes the ability to Search for Text, Create a New Article, Send Mail, Save Articles, Decode Selected Articles, Mark all Articles as Read and the Close Window.

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