2.1.1 Using the Mouse and Keyboard from the Main Window

From the Main Window, clicking the mouse on any newsgroup will allow you to perform selection operations on various newsgroups. Once you have made all of your selections, you can use the Group Menu to perform a variety of operations on the selected groups.

	Mouse Left		  Mark/Unmark an Newsgroup for selection
	Drag Mouse Left		  Mark/Unmark multiple groups
	Mouse Double-Click Left	  Fetch Newsgroup headers from Server for viewing
	Mouse Middle		  None
	Drag Mouse Middle	  None
	Shift Mouse Left 	  Same as Mouse Middle
	Mouse Right		  Reserved for future popup newsgroup menu
	Mouse Double-Click Right  None

You can alter the default behavior of the mouse in the Newsgroups window via the Use Shift/Control Option under the Configure Article Options Menu. The default behavior of the mouse allows you to click on groups individually and groups will stay selected. With Multi-Select enabled, a Mouse Left click on any group highlights that group and turns off all others. After the first click, a Shift Mouse Left Click will highlight ALL intervening groups between the 1st click and your current mouse location. This is a fast way to select multiple groups but it can make it more difficult to select a small number of groups.

From the Main Window, certain keys can be used to quickly access some of WinVN's windows and menus. WinVN attempts to follow Microsoft Windows keynaming conventions whenever possible. Every menu option in WinVN has one underlined letter in its descriptive text. Pressing the ALT key and this underlined letter will perform the same action as clicking on that item with the mouse. The following table contains an additional list of keys available from WinVN's main window:

	F1		Help
	F3		Find Next
	F6		Switch between Windows
	Pg Dn		Scroll Newsgroup List Down one Page
	Pg Up		Scroll Newsgroup List Up one Page
	Up Arrow	Scroll Newsgroup List Up one Line
	Down Arrow	Scroll Newsgroup List Down one Line
	Alt F4		Exit
	Ctrl L		Post a New Article
	Ctrl 0		Compose a Mail Message
	Ctrl F		Find a Newsgroup 

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