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III-8. How do I install WinVN on a LAN Server?

WinVN can easily be installed on LAN Servers. Simply install the program in a server directory according to the installation instructions (see Section I-7). Then see Section III-9 for the methods you can use to point WinVN to alternate locations for individual user configuration files.

[from Greg Monroe]

III-9. How do I access multiple News Servers?

WinVN has three methods that allow it to use alternate configuration files or newsrc files. FYI - The config file (winvn.ini is the default name) contains the information set under the "Config" menu in the main window. The newsrc file (newsrc is the default name) contains information about the groups and articles read.

The first method is to use a WINVN environment variable. If this is set (prior to starting Windows and not from a DOS Window!), it tells WinVN what directory the winvn.ini and newsrc files can be found. The command format to set this variable is:

SET WINVN=<directory to use> (e.g. C:\WINVN)

Note: Create the directory and copy winvn.ini and newsrc into it first.

The second method is to use a single command line parameter. WinVN assumes that this is a directory where a copy of winvn.ini and newsrc will exist. Create the directory to use, e.g. C:\WINVN\NEWS.KSC. Copy the winvn.ini and newsrc files into this directory. Next, create a duplicate WinVN icon in program manager (hold the ctrl key and drag with the mouse). Change the icon properties so that the command line has the directory path as a parameter, eg. C:\WINVN\WINVN C:\WINVN\NEWS.KSC.

Start WinVN, use Config/Communications to change the news server field to your alternate news server, eg. news.ksc.nasa.gov.

The third method is to use TWO parameters on the command line. The first is the FILE to use for the configuration file, eg. C:\WINVN\WINVNALT.INI.

The second is the file to use for the newsrc file, eg. C:\WINVN\NEWSRC.KSC. You can set this up using the same basic process outlined for method two.

[from Greg Monroe]


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