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II-2. How do I submit suggestions for WinVN?

You can submit suggestions for WinVN by sending email to the mailing list (or posting directly to the newsgroup). Note that most of the suggestions have already been thought of, and lay on our minds as a constant burden of the failings of WinVN. Be kind. 8^)

See the 'What can't WinVN do?' question for more info.

Suggestions are always appreciated. The likelihood of a suggestion being implemented depends on several factors:

1) how difficult it would be to implement

2) possible unwelcome interactions with other WinVN features

3) how badly the users want it

4) how many other (possibly more important) things are waiting to get done. 5) as useful as your suggestion may be, it's always possible that it will merely confuse or even irritate some users.

[from Sam Rushing]

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