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II-1. How can I keep up-to-date on WinVN's progress?

There is a mailing list that you can join, which all the WinVN developers monitor on a near-daily basis. You can join this mailing list by sending email to 'WinVN-request@titan.ksc.nasa.gov'.

This is currently not an "automated" listserv but it will soon convert over to one. If you want to try the "experimental" automated listserv, send email to "majordomo@news.ksc.nasa.gov" with "Subscribe winvn" as the body (*NOT* the subject) of the message. Once the kinks are worked out, everyone on the "manual" WinVN list will be moved over to the new list.

However, we would prefer you use our gateway-to-news version of the mailing list, as the list places a considerable strain on our server's resources. This method also gives you access to all the questions and answers recently asked about WinVN (that haven't made the FAQ yet).

If you are directly on the Internet, you can access the mailing list by pointing your newsreader at the host, news.ksc.nasa.gov. This is a gatewayed version of the developer's mailing list, and will keep you as up

to date as we are. [you can do this in WinVN from the Config...Comm menu.]

(Ed - See the Multiple News Servers/Network section for info]

[from Sam Rushing & Jim Dumoulin]

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