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I-7. How do I install WinVN?

Note: These instructions are valid for software obtained from the site listed in section I.6.

First, make sure your system meets the requirements defined in Section I.3. Also, make sure that your WinSock or other supported TCP/IP support

software is installed properly and is working. Finally, make sure you have an address for your news server and optionally, your SMTP mail server (only needed if you want to send mail in WinVN).

Create a directory in which WinVN is to be installed. Unzip the distribution files into this directory. Edit your autoexec.bat file and add a TZ environment variable if needed (TimeZone). E.G., the statement:


indicates the US Eastern Time Zone. If you don't know your TimeZone designation, look it up in the Timezone table in the WinVN Users Guide or ask a local programmer. S/he should know or be able to find out. You'll need to reboot your PC some time to make this effective, but it's not required to do it now.

If you're using a standard WinSock TCP/IP implementation, skip the next step.

If you're using a supported non-WinSock TCP/IP software package (See I-3), edit the WINVN.INI file in the install directory. Locate the line that starts: GENSockDLL=... Replace the GWINSOCK.DLL with PWKSOCK.DLL. Save this change and exit.

In Program Manager, add a WinVN Icon to a group. Then start WinVN. You will be prompted for your NNTP News Server address and some other information. The only required field is the NNTP Server name. If you don't have a MAPI mail system (e.g. MS Mail), you should select SMTP. You should do this even if you are not using SMTP mail. This prevents problems on some Windows installations that have MAPI support but no Mail client.

Note: Fill in the userid/password fields only if required by your news provider.

Next, you will be prompted for your personal information, such as name, email address, and organization name (used in postings).

Note: Both the communications and personal settings can be changed via WinVN menu options.

That's it, you've installed it and are ready to take it for a spin.... [from Greg Monroe]

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