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I-4. What can it do?

WinVN's list of features is constantly changing. Usually, new features are

added. Occasionally, features will be taken away - like word wrap - but this is rare 8^).

WinVN allows you to read UseNet News on-line, via NNTP, and to compose and send replies via news or email (SMTP or MAPI).

For a complete list of features and configuration options, see the on-line help, or the printed user manual. Note that even these sources can be out of date, as there is usually a lag between the implementation of a feature, and the point where someone gets around to documenting it.

Quickly, here are the whiz-bang features:

o Multi-Window, point and click user interface.

o Threading capability

o Integrated mail (MAPI or SMTP)

o Background operation during list/article retrieval (useful for SLIP/PPP users)

o Powerful encoding/decoding capability (useful for those binaries newsgroups)

o It's free.

o The source code is readily available.

o Fully configurable fonts and colors in the various windows

o Nicely formatted article printing

o Ability to connect/disconnect to news server at will.

o Many, many options and feature settings

Due to the fast pace of WinVN's development, you should always check up on the latest version available. See 'How can I keep up-to-date on WinVN's progress?'. Sometimes a feature that you'd like to see has already been implemented, but you're not seeing it because you're using version 0.82, which is over a year old (as of Sep. 94, we are currently at version 0.92.6 - please check for a newer version)

[ Sam Rushing, et. al.]

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