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I-3. What do I need to run WinVN?

Obviously, a PC with Windows or Windows/NT installed. In addition, you will need one of the following TCP/IP Support software packages:

For WINSOCK (v1.0 or higher) compliant TCP/IP stacks (called WINSOCK.DLL): A WINSOCK compliant TCP/IP product such as Trumpet, PC/TCP,

NetManage TCP/IP, Microsoft LanManager 2.2, DEC Pathworks 5.0.



A DEC Pathworks v4.1 or Microsoft LanManager 2.1a compatible WSOCKETS.DLL Dynamic Link Library.

Since reading news is no fun without a server to supply articles, you will need to know the address of a "News Server" that is accessible are available via your InterNet service supplier. The technical specs are that the server must be...

An NNTP News Server. It *must* support one of the following

NNTP extensions:

XHDR (most news servers can do this)


XOVER (InternetNetNews is an example of a news server that does XOVER)

WinVN will use XOVER if your server supports it.

Most News Servers that you can connect to via TCP/IP meet this requirement.

I suggest you just try connecting to your news server before

bothering...er...asking your support folks.

[Paraphrased from the Readme.txt file]

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