A Ampere

A/A Air-to-air

A/G Air-to-ground

A/L Approach and landing

AA Accelerometer assembly

ABE Arm-based electronics

ACCU Audio central control unit

ACE Automatic checkout equipment

ACIP Aerodynamic coefficient identification package

ACK Acknowledge

ADI Attitude director indicator

ADS Air data system

ADS Audio distribution system

ADTA Air data transducer assembly

AFB Air Force Base

AFD Aft flight deck

AFRSI Advanced flexible reusable surface insulation

AFSCF Air Force Satellite Control Facility

AFTA Aft frame tilt actuator

AGL Above ground level

AGS Anti-gravity suit

ALC Aft load controller

ALCA Aft load controller assembly

ALT Approach and landing test

AMC Aft motor controller

AMEU Alpha Mach indicator electronic unit

AMI Alpha Mach indicator

AOA Abort once around

APC Aft power controller

APCA Aft power controller assembly

APU Auxiliary power unit

ARF Assembly and refurbishment facility

ARIA Advanced range instrumentation aircraft

ARPCS Atmosphere revitalization pressure control system

ARS Air revitalization system

ASA Aerosurface servoamplifier

ASCS Atmosphere storage and control subsystem (Spacelab)

ASE Airborne support equipment

ASI Augmented spark igniter

ATC Air traffic control

ATCS Active thermal control system

ATE Automatic test equipment

ATO Abort to orbit

ATU Audio terminal unit

ATVC Ascent thrust vector control

AUX Auxiliary

AVVEU Altitude/vertical velocity indicator electronic unit

AVVI Altitude/vertical velocity indicator

BDA Backup drive amplifier

BFC Backup flight control

BFCS Backup flight control system

BFS Backup flight system

BITE Built-in test equipment

BSM Booster separation motor

C&T Communications and tracking

C/W Caution and warning

CAPS Crew altitude protection system

CCA Communications carrier assembly

CCAFS Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

CCMS Checkout, control and monitor system

CCTV Closed-circuit television

CCU Crew communications unit

CCU Communications carrier umbilical

CCV Chamber coolant valve

CDF Confined detonating fuse

CDI Course deviation indicator

CDMS Command and data management system

CDS Central data subsystem

c.g. Center of gravity

CEIT Crew equipment interface test

CI Course (deviation display) invalid

CIA Controller interface assembly

CICU Communication interface control unit

CIS Communications interface system

CITE Cargo integration test equipment

CIU Communication interface unit

CO Carbon monoxide

CO2 Carbon dioxide

COAS Crewman optical alignment sight

CPI Crosspointer indicator

CPU Central processor unit

CRT Cathode ray tube

CSS Control stick steering

D&C Displays and controls

DA Deployed assembly

DA Distribution assembly

DAP Digital autopilot

DBC Data bus coupler

DBIA Data bus isolation amplifier

DBN Data bus network

DCC Data computation complex (JSC)

DCM Display and control module

DDT&E Design, development, test and evaluation

DDU Display driver unit

DEA Deployed electronics assembly

DEU Display electronics unit

DFI Development flight instrumentation

DFRF Dryden Flight Research Facility

DHE Data-handling equipment

DK Display keyboard

DME Distance-measuring equipment

DOD Department of Defense

DOMSAT Domestic satellite

dP/dT Delta pressure/delta time

DPA Data processing assembly

DPS Data processing system

DSC Dedicated signal conditioner

DSN Deep-Space Network

DU Display unit

EAFB Edwards Air Force Base

EAS Equivalent airspeed

ECG Electrocardiograph

ECLSS Environmental control and life support system

ECU Electrical control unit

EED Electroexplosive device

EES Escape ejection suit

EI Entry interface

EIU Engine interface unit

EMK Emergency medical kit

EMU Extravehicular mobility unit

EPDS Electrical power distribution subsystem

EPDU Electrical power distribution unit

EPS Electrical power system

ESA European Space Agency

ESA Explosive safe area (KSC)

ESRO European Space Research Organization

ESS Equipment support section

ESS Essential

ESVS Escape suit ventilation system

ET External tank

ETR Eastern test range

EVA Extravehicular activity

FA Flight aft

FAA Federal Aviation Agency

FC Flight control

FC Flight critical

FC Fuel cell

FCA Forward controller assembly

FCL Freon coolant loop

FCOS Flight computer operating system

FCOS Flight control operational software

FCP Fuel cell power plant

FCR Flight Control Room

FCS Flight control system

FDF Flight data file

FDM Frequency division multiplexer

FES Flash evaporator system

FF Flight forward

FL Forward link

FLCA Forward load controller assembly

FM Frequency modulation, frequency modulated

FMSP FM signal processor

FPCA Forward power controller assembly

fps Feet per second

fps2 Feet per second squared

FRCI Fibrous refractory composite insulation

FRCS Forward reaction control system

FRSI Flexible reusable surface insulation

FSS Fixed service structure

G&NGuidance and navigation

G/S Guided steering

GCIL Ground command interface logic

GH 2 Gaseous hydrogen

GN 2 Gaseous nitrogen

GN&C Guidance, navigation and control

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

GO 2 Gaseous oxygen

GPC General-purpose computer

GS Glide slope

GSE Ground support equipment

GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center. p>GSI Glide slope indicator

GSTDN Ground space flight tracking and data network

H2 Hydrogen

HAC Heading alignment cylinder

HAINS High-accuracy inertial navigation system

HAL/S High-order assembly language/ shuttle

HDR High data rate

HDRR High-data-rate recorder

HIP Hardware interface program

HiRAP High-resolution accelerometer package

HIU Headset interface unit


HMCF Hypergolic Maintenance and Checkout Facility

HPFT High-pressure fuel turbopump

HPOT High-pressure oxidizer turbopump

HPU Hydraulic power unit

HRD High-rate dosimeter

HRM High-rate multiplexer

HRSI High-temperature reusable surface insulation

HSI Horizontal situation indicator

HUD Head-up display

I-load Initial-load

IC Intercomputer communication

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

IEA Integrated electronic assembly

IMU Inertial measurement unit

IOP Input/output processor

IP Instrumentation/pulse code modulation master unit data bus

IPL Initial program load

ITA Integrated test article

IU Interface unit

IUS Inertial upper stage

IVA Intravehicular activity

JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JSC Johnson Space Center.p> kbps kilobits per second

KBU Keyboard unit

KSA Ku-band single access

KSC Kennedy Space Center.p>KUSP Ku-band signal processor

LCA Load controller assembly

LCC Launch Control Center (KSC)

LCG Liquid-cooled garment

LCVG Liquid cooling and ventilation garment

LDR Low data rate

LED Light-emitting diode

LESS Leading edge structure subsystem

LETF Launch Equipment Test Facility (KSC)

LH2 Liquid hydrogen

LiOH Lithium hydroxide

LO2 Liquid oxygen

LPFT Low-pressure fuel turbopump

LPOT Low-pressure oxidizer turbopump

LPS Launch processing system

LRSI Low-temperature reusable surface insulation

LRU Line-replaceable unit

LVLH Local vertical/local horizontal

LWHS Lightweight headset

MA Multiple-access

MAC Mean aerodynamic chord

MADS Modular auxiliary data system

MBK Medications and bandage kit

Mbps Megabits per second

MCC Main combustion chamber

MCC-H Mission Control Center-Houston

MCDS Multifunction CRT display system

MCIU Manipulator controller interface unit

MCM MADS control module

MCP Monitoring and control panel

MDA Motor drive amplifier

MDD Mate/demate device

MDF Mild detonating fuse

MDM Multiplexer/demultiplexer

MEC Master events controller

MECO Main engine cutoff

MEP Minimum entry point

MET Mission elapsed time

MFV Main fuel valve

MHA Multiple headset adapter

MIA Multiplexer interface adapter

MLG Main landing gear

MLP Mobile launcher platform

MLS Microwave landing system

MM Major mode or mass memory

MMC Mid motor controller

MMCA Mid motor controller assembly

MMH Monomethyl hydrazine

MMS Multimission modular spacecraft

MMSE Multiuse mission support equipment

MMU Manned maneuvering unit

MMU Mass memory unit

MOV Main oxidizer valve

MPC Mid power controller

MPCA Mid power controller assembly

MPL Minimum power level

MRL Manipulator retention latch

MPM Manipulator positioning mechanism

MPS Main propulsion system

MPSR Multipurpose Support Room

MPST Multipurpose support team

MPTA Main propulsion test article

MRL Manipulator retention latch

MSBLS Microwave scan beam landing system

MSFC Marshall Space Flight Center

MTU Master timing unit

MTVC Manual thrust vector control

N2 Nitrogen

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Nascom NASA communications network

NC Normally closed

NCC Network Control Center (GSFC)

NEP Nominal entry point

NGT NASA Ground Terminal

NH 3 Ammonia

NLG Nose landing gear

nmi Nautical mile

N2O4 Nitrogen tetroxide

NO Normally open

NOCC Network Operations Control Center (GSFC)

NSD NASA standard detonator

NSGT NASA Ground Terminal

NSP Network signal processor

NSTL National Space Technology Laboratories

NWS Nose wheel steering

O&C Operations and checkout

O&C Operations and control

O2 Oxygen

OAA Orbiter access arm

OBS Operational bioinstrumentation system

OEX Orbiter experiments

OFI Operational flight instrumentation

OI Operational instrumentation

OMRF Orbiter Modification and Refurbishment Facility

OMS Orbital maneuvering system

OPF Orbiter Processing Facility

OPOV Oxidizer preburner oxidizer valve

OPS Operational sequence

OTV Orbital transfer vehicle

OV Orbiter vehicle

Pc Chamber pressure

PAF Payload attach fitting

PAM Payload assist module

PASS Primary avionics software system

PB Playback

PBI Push button indicator

PBS Protective breathing system

PCA Pneumatic control assembly

PCA Power controller assembly

PCM Pulse code modulation

PCMMU Pulse code modulation master unit

PCR Payload changeout room

PCTR Pad connection terminal room

PDF Pocket dosimeter FEMA

PDH Pocket dosimeter high

PDL Pocket dosimeter low

PDRS Payload deployment and retrieval system

PDU Power drive unit

PEAP Personal egress air pack

PEG Powered explicit guidance

PGHM Payload ground handling mechanism

PHF Payload handling fixture

PHSF Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility

PI Payload interrogator

PIC Pyro initiator controller

PL Payload

PLB Payload bay

PLSP Payload signal processor

PLSS Portable life support system

PM Phase modulation, phase modulated

POCC Payload Operations Control Center

POR Point of resolution

POS Portable oxygen system

PPO 2 Oxygen partial pressure

PPP Payload patch panel

PRL Priority rate limiting

PROM Progammable read-only memory

PRSD Power reactant storage and distribution

psi Pounds per square inch

psia Pounds per square inch absolute

psid Pounds per square inch differential

psig Pounds per square inch gauge

PSP Payload signal processor

PTC Passive thermal control

PTT Push to talk

QD Quick disconnect

RA Radar altimeter

RAAB Remote amplifier acquisition and advisory box

rad Radiation equivalent dose

RAM Random-access memory

RAU Remote acquisition unit

RCC Reinforced carbon-carbon

RCS Reaction control system

rem Roentgen equivalent in man

RF Radio frequency

RGA Rate gyro assembly

RHC Rotational hand controller

RJD Reaction jet driver

RL Return link

RM Redundancy management

RMS Remote manipulator system

rms Root mean square

RPC Remote power controller

RPL Rated power level

RPSF Rotation, Processing and Surge Facility

RPTA Rudder pedal transducer assembly

RS Redundant set (computers)

RSF Refurbishment and Subassembly Facility (KSC)

RSS Range safety system

RSS Rotating service structure

RTC Real-time command

RTG Radioisotope thermoelectric generator

RTLS Return to launch site

RTV Room-temperature vulcanizing

S/M Systems management

SAEF Spacecraft Assembly and Encapsulation Facility (KSC)

SAIL Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (JSC)

SBTC Speed brake/thrust controller

SCA Sequence control assembly

SCA Shuttle carrier aircraft

SCAMA Station conferencing and monitoring arrangement

SCAPE Self-contained atmosphere protective ensemble

SCF Satellite Control Facility

SCM System control module

SCSG Strain gauge signal conditioner

SCU Signal conditioner unit

SDPC Shuttle Data Processing Complex

SEADS Shuttle entry air data system

SEC Secondary

SGLS Space-ground link system

SILTS Shuttle infrared leeside temperature sensing

SIP Strain isolation pad

SIU Signal interface unit

SLF Shuttle landing facility (KSC)

SLS Spacelab simulator

SMAB Solid Motor Assembly Building

SMS Shuttle mission simulator

SMU Speaker/microphone unit

SOMS Shuttle orbiter medical system

SOP Subsystem operating program

SPA Signal processor assembly

SPA Steering position amplifier

SPC Shuttle processing contractor

SPI Surface position indicator

SPIDPO Shuttle Payload Integration and Development Program Office

SPIF Shuttle Payload Integration Facility

SPT Steering position transducer

SOMS Shuttle orbiter medical system

SRB Solid rocket booster

SRM Solid rocket motor

SSME Space shuttle main engine

ST Star tracker

STA Structural test article

STDN Space flight tracking and data network

STS Space transportation system

SUMS Shuttle upper atmosphere mass spectrometer

T/W Thrust-to-weight

TACAN Tactical air navigation

TAEM Terminal area energy management

TDRS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite

TDRSS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite system

THC Translational hand controller

TIO Target insertion orbit

TLM Telemetry

TPS Thermal protection system

TSM Tail service mast

TT&C Tracking, telemetry and command

TVC Thrust vector control

UHF Ultrahigh frequency

VAB Vehicle Assembly Building

VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base

VCU Video control unit

VFM View finder monitor

VHF Very high frequency

VIB Vertical Integration Building

VIU Video interface unit

VPF Vertical Processing Facility

VTR Video tape recorder

WBSC Wide-band signal conditioner

WCCU Wireless crew communication unit

WCLS Water coolant loop system

WCS Waste collection system

WMC Waste management compartment

WONG Weight on nose gear

WOW Weight on wheels

WP Way point

WSB Water spray boiler

WSGT White Sands Ground Terminal

WSTF White Sands Test Facility

WTR Western test range



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