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Space Launch Systems Operations Simulations - Processes

For costs - see NASA Space Systems Life Cycle Cost Models.


The term "simulation" is used here in the sense of an abstraction, an elaborate thought experiment, where mathematical formulas come together to create a predictive framework for the analysis and understanding of future, proposed systems. A simulation is different than a model, as simulations focus on processes, and these tools "run" or simulate time running. For example, a spaceship can be represented moving from process A in one facility to process B in another facility.


Objectives in these space launch and processing simulations:

  • Understand the effort and processes for preparing, launching and returning space transportation systems.

  • Understand space transportation systems characteristics and processing in relation to the goal of significantly more routine and affordable access to space.

The system includes:

  • The flight vehicle design, technology and technical characteristics.

  • The ground infrastructure, facilities and equipment.

  • The organization of government and industry partners; processes, practices and business approaches.



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