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SFAC - Spaceport Facility Construction and Outfitting/Ground Support Equipment Cost Model

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Disclaimer: This material is being kept online for historical purposes. The model, simulation or tool described is no longer maintained. It is no longer available on request, and/or may not function on current computer systems.



The Spaceport Facility Construction (SFAC) assessment tool.


The Spaceport Facility Construction (SFAC) and Outfitting/Ground Support Equipment (GSE) cost model was developed to aid Program Office planners, analysts and cost estimation teams by providing a flexible capability to estimate the non-recurring cost of acquiring the facility and ground support equipment operations infrastructure to support future programs. The tool, and those public portions of data that enable it's capability, will be available to both private and government organizations. Indirectly, this provides a capability for the private sector to better understand and estimate proposed infrastructure costs, while simultaneously providing NASA/government users an improved capability to support program decision makers requiring credible, and well understood, cost estimation.


The benefits of this development effort include:

  • Development of a model for estimating rough-order-of-magnitude, non-recurring, up-front infrastructure costs.

  • Capture of historical data on past infrastructure costs.

  • The ability to play “what-if” scenarios on the computer prior to making large capital investment or more detailed study / development decisions.

  • Flexible capability to modify existing data to accommodate specific analysis scenarios.

  • Flexible capability to modify estimates based on the complexity, reusability or operational nature of the element objects that the facility and GSE is required for.

The Spaceport Facility Construction (SFAC) assessment tool - input screen.


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