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The Architectural Assessment Tool (AAT)

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Disclaimer: This material is being kept online for historical purposes. The model, simulation or tool described is no longer maintained. It is no longer available on request, and/or may not function on current computer systems.



The Architectural Assessment Tool (AAT).


The Architectural Assessment Tool (AAT) is a software tool intended to assess space transportation systems that are only beginning to be defined, systems at the "concept level". A series of screens walk the user through questions which define the system/concept, allowing an assessment of various factors, especially operability.



  • Relative measures, generating an index of improvement, not absolute costs or turnaround times.

  • Emphasizes reusable vehicle design complexity and it's relation to operational complexity and effectiveness.

  • Captures design features that favor operational, recurring launch, "-ilities".

  • Does not address organizational design, as inputs or drivers (efficiency, process, practices, acquisition approach, supply chain management, best practices or business approaches).

  • Useful for students wishing to learn about how design features relate to the ease of launch site operations.

An example AAT output screen.


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