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ELLA - A Discrete Event Simulation for Exploration Launch & Landing Analysis

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This project developed a discrete event simulation of the Constellation program Orion Ares I Ground Operations project. This includes all processing and flight and ground systems element integration post "DD250", that is post delivery of individual flight hardware elements to the Kennedy Space Center.

The Exploration Launch and Landing Simulation.

  • ELLA is a discrete event simulation tool designed to provide valuable but easy to use analysis capability for what-if operations scenarios for the Constellation program at KSC.

  • ELLA requires the following software components:

    • The Arena Simulation Discrete Event Simulation file.

    • The Rockwell Automation Arena Simulation software to create the prior file.

    • The generic graphical user interface, "Ariana" for Arena, created by Productivity Apex Inc. (also available for purchase).

    • Optional MS Excel files, useful for post-simulation-run processing of results.

The Team:

  • NASA Kennedy Space Center

    • Nic Cummings, KSC Constellation Ground Operation Element, Integration Office, Project Lead & Sponsor

    • Martin Steele PhD, Discrete Event Simulation Lead

    • Edgar Zapata, Testing, Analysis and Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR)

  • Productivity Apex, Inc.

    • Mansooreh Mollaghasemi PhD, Chairman and CEO

    • Dayana Cope, Discrete Event Simulation Lead

    • Nathan Rychlik, Graphic User Interface Development and Simulation Support

    • Assem Kaylani, Graphic User Interface and Ariana Lead

    • Manuel Mora, Discrete Event Simulation Team Member


  • For further information on this project contact Martin Steele PhD of NASA KSC.


Website Contact: Edgar Zapata, NASA Kennedy Space Center