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GEM-FLO - A Generic Simulation Environment for Modeling Future Launch Operations

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The generic space launch simulation.


GEM-FLO is a generic simulation of launch operations processing for space transportation systems. With a graphic user interface (GUI), an underlying discrete event simulation (DES) is easily populated with the description of the system of interest. The underlying simulation, a flexible structure, awaiting specific values and user choices, was created using Arena Simulation software by Rockwell Automation.


With GEM-FLO, a user does not have to undergo the tedious process of creating simulation models, flow diagrams, interactions, or logic. A domain-of-operations expert, who may not be a simulation expert, or an expert with particular Arena Simulation software experience,  can use this tool to quickly start creating valuable insights.


The GEM-FLO simulation with numerous windows open.

Top right, an input screen. Top left, an output screen. Lower right background, the Arena simulation itself.


The Team:

  • NASA Kennedy Space Center

    • Martin Steele PhD, Discrete Event Simulation Lead

    • Grant Cates PhD, Shuttle Operations Lead

    • Edgar Zapata, Testing, Analysis and Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR)

  • Productivity Apex Inc.

    • Mansooreh Mollaghasemi PhD, Chairman and CEO

    • Dayana Cope, Discrete Event Simulation Lead

    • Assem Kaylani, Graphic User Interface Lead


  • For further information on this project contact Martin Steele PhD of NASA KSC.


Website Contact: Edgar Zapata, NASA Kennedy Space Center