Payload and Orbiter Virtual Tour
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Welcome to the Orbiter and Payload Virtual Tour for STS-90

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Now you can see what the technicians and engineers see as they work on a Space Shuttle preparing for launch. The STS-90 Virtual Tour takes you through the Space Shuttle Columbia as it is being prepared for launch in the Orbiter Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center. Tour in the cockpit, go through the airlock and see the inside of the Neurolab payload.

This tour requires that you have a frame-capable and Java capable browser such as Netscape 3.0 or greater or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or greater. Before you can enter the tour you must go to the Entry Checkpoint to get ready to enter Columbia.

Author and Curator: Darren Beyer (

This project is a Service of Roy Bridges, KSC Center Director, and Bobby Bruckner, Director of Expendable Launch Vehicles and Payload Processing.