Checkpoint #1:
Verify System Recommendations
  • Pentium 133 or Equivalent CPU
  • Full Color at 640x480 Screen Resolution or Greater
  • 32 MB Ram
Netscape 3.0 or greater or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater recommended. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 will experience some slight difficulties accessing the help screen in the tour.

NOTE: As of the writing of this page, the default AOL and Compuserve browsers do not have the necessary features to view this tour.

Checkpoint #2:
Close Other Applications
The Virtual Tour can be CPU intensive. Please close all other non-essential applications on your computer.

Checkpoint #3:
Verify Java and Enter the Tour
The Virtual Tour relies on Java to allow the user to view the orbiter and payload. Make sure your browser has both Java and JavaScript enabled in the Preferences section. If you see the "Enter the Orbiter Columbia" button below then you have a "go" to click on it to start the tour.

Your Browser Does Not Support JAVA - The Virtual Tour will not work for you until you upgrade your browser.

Author and Curator: Darren Beyer (

This project is a Service of Roy Bridges, KSC Center Director, and
Bobby Bruckner, Director of Expendable Launch Vehicles and Payload Processing.