STS-87 Prelaunch, Launch and Landing Movies

  1. STS-87 Payload Processing (Part 1 - Payload into Transfer Canister) (240x180 MPEG 2.2M)
  2. STS-87 Payload Processing (Part 2 - Payload Bay preparations) (240x180 MPEG 3.5M)
  3. STS-87 Payload Processing (Part 3 - At Pad) (240x180 MPEG 480K)
  4. STS-87 Rollout (240x180 MPEG 2.1M)
  5. STS-87 Crew Breakfast (240x180 MPEG 1.2M)
  6. STS-87 Crew Walkout (240x180 MPEG 1.6M)
  7. STS-87 Launch (240x180 MPEG 777K)
  8. STS-87 SRB Separation (240x180 MPEG 718K)
  9. STS-87 Columbia Landing (240x180 MPEG 708K)
  10. STS-87 Columbia Landing (From VAB) (240x180 MPEG 600K)
  11. STS-87 Columbia Landing (From Mid-Field) (240x180 MPEG 893K)
  12. STS-87 Columbia Landing (Runway 33) (240x180 MPEG 575K)
  13. STS-87 Columbia Landing (Pilots Point of View) (240x180 MPEG 556K)
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    Authors: Michael T. Downs and Jim Dumoulin/ NASA Payload Operations
    Curators: Michael T. Downs and Jim Dumoulin / NASA Payload Operations

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