E-Mail Anfragen ans Kennedy Space Center SPOC !!!

ASTRO-SPAS wurde am 4.12. um MEZ 14:14 Uhr in die Ladebucht des Shuttles sicher eingesetzt
Landung erneut verschoben auf den 07. Dezember 1996 wegen Nebel am KSC

Kommentar von Astronautin und Astronomin Tamara Jernigan zum Schulprojekt:

"I appreciate the information about the wonderful high school project that involved german high school students analysing actual SPAS data arising from UV light that comes from planetary nebula and try to understand the physics of the stars and flows from the stars at 100 km per second. I think the students are going to be fascinated by what they learned and I think its wonderful that they are able to unravel the secrets of the stars by themselves. I congratulate them that they are doing the same data analysis as professional astronomers are doing.
All the best to the german high schools participating in the project and I would like to see the results."

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DARA Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit
5. Dezember 1996