STS-79 Prelaunch, Launch and Landing Movies

  1. Rollover of Atlantis to VAB from OPF. (STS-79 - 6/24/1996) (240x180 MPEG 768K)
  2. Atlantis being lifted off SRB/ET stack in the VAB. (STS-79) (240x180 MPEG 624K)
  3. Rollback of Atlantis to VAB due to Hurricane Fran. (STS-79 - 9/04/1996) (240x180 MPEG 1M)
  4. STS-79 Crew Arrival (STS-79 - 9/13/1996) (240x180 MPEG 974K)
  5. STS-79 Crew Breakfast (STS-79 - 9/16/1996) (240x180 MPEG 939K)
  6. STS-79 Crew Suitup (STS-79 - 9/16/1996) (240x180 MPEG 759K)
  7. STS-79 Crew Walkout (STS-79 - 9/16/1996) (240x180 MPEG 902K)
  8. STS-79 Shuttle Launch (STS-79 - 9/16/1996) (240x180 MPEG 690K)
  9. STS-79 Solid Rocket Booster Separation (STS-79 - 9/16/1996) (240x180 MPEG 161K)
  10. STS-79 Shuttle Launch (Front View) (STS-79 - 9/16/1996) (240x180 MPEG 461K)
  11. STS-79 Landing at KSC (STS-79 - 9/26/1996) (240x180 MPEG 882K)
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