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Shuttle Endeavour Launch Status

Launch Sunday, May 19, 1996 at 6:30:00.066 a.m. EDT Launch window was 2 hours 30 min.

The countdown proceeded very smoothly. The crew suited up, ate breakfast and was transported to the space shuttle Endeavour on Launch Pad LC-39B. By 3:30am EDT 5/19/96 the crew was in the White Room boarding the shuttle and 6:22am the Countdown clock picked up at the T-9 minute mark. Crew visors closed at 6:29am EDT. Liftoff occured exactly on time. MECO at 6:40am. EDT.

On Friday, 5/17/96 the countdown was proceeding on schedule and cryogenic propellant loading operations began shortly before 10:00pm on Saturday 5/18/96. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 5/17/1996).

On Monday, 5/13/96, the access doors were installed on the orbiter's aft engine compartment. The launch countdown began at 4 a.m. Thursday, May 16th, 1996 and the crew arrived from the Johnson Space Center in Houston at 9 a.m. later that day.(Reference KSC Shuttle Status 5/13/1996).

On 5/7/96, the Mission Management Team met at the STS-77 Flight Readiness Review (FRR) and set May 19, 1996 as the official launch date. The original target date of May 16 was not available on the Eastern Range schedule.

On 4/30/96, hypergolic loading was completed. The SpaceHab, TEAMS and Spartan-207/IAE payload interface verification tests were completed. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 5/02/1996). And on 5/3/96, the payload bay doors were closed for flight. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 5/06/1996).

On 4/9/96, rollover of Endeavour occured from OPF Bay 3 to the VAB. The Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB's) have been stacked and mated with external tank. At 10:00am on 4/16/96, the shuttle began it's roll from the VAB to Launch Pad 39-B and arrived at 3:30pm (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 4/17/1996).

On 3/25/96, Payload premate testing was complete and the tunnel adapter was installed and leak checked. The external tank had been mated to the solid rocket boosters and close-out operations were underway. The Crew Equipment Interface Test (CEIT) and the landing gear functional test was conducted 3/26/96. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 3/26/1996).

The Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSME's) were installed on Endeavour in OPF bay 3 (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 3/13/1996).

The payload bay doors were opened on 1/24/96 for the first time since Endeavour landed from STS-72. The Japanese satellite retrieved during the mission and the OAST-Flyer were removed. Testing continued on the Flash Evaporator System (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 1/24/1996) and a decision was made to remove and retest the robotic arm prior to the next flight (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 1/29/1996)

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