Static view of STS-76 orbiter Atlantis prior to launch
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Shuttle Atlantis Launch Status

Launch March 22, 1996 at 3:13:04 a.m. EST Launch Window 7 min.

The countdown began at the T-43 hour mark at 2 a.m. Monday, March 18th, 1996. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 3/14/1996). The countdown was conducted from Firing Room 1 of the Launch Control Center (LCC) and included 30 hours and 33 minutes of build-in holds. (ReferenceKSC Press Release 32-96). The launch countdown proceeded smoothly and launch occured exactly on time at the start of the available window.

On 3/20/96, the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) at Launch Pad-39B was rolled back and external tank fueling operations were set to begin for a launch at 3:34am EST 3/21/96. However, there were high winds and rough seas in the launch area and weather forecasts showed only a 20% chance of favorable weather. (Reference KSC Weather History 03/20/1996 1800). The shuttle mission management team decided at 6:45pm to delay the launch 24 hours with a new T-0 at 3:12 a.m. EST on 3/22/96.

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