John Powell (left) and Jim Nail (second from right) of McDonnell Douglas Space and Defense Systems prepare the satellite element of the Tethered Satellite System-1R (TSS-1R) for integration with its support unit in the Operations and Checkout (O&C) Building. The TSS-1R is one of two primary payloads scheduled to fly aboard the Orbiter Columbia during the STS-75 mission in early 1996. The TSS program is a joint venture between NASA and the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, or Italian Space Agency. The "R" designation indicates a reflight. The TSS-1 flew aboard Atlantis during the STS-46 mission in July 1992 and achieved only a partial success when its tether reel mechanism became jammed after only approximately 840 feet of the 12-mile-long tether had been unwound as the satellite rose from its cradle in the orbiter's payload bay. Once deployed to the 12-mile height on the STS-75 mission, the satellite will be used to validate theories that such a system could possibly be used in the future to generate electrical power to power orbital systems, raise and lower spacecraft, study atmospheric conditions at several different heights and for many other applications. (Photo Release Date: 7/28/1995 )

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