Static view of STS-74 Atlantis on the SLF after landing 11/20/95 12:02 p.m. EST
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Shuttle Atlantis Launch Status

Launch November 12, 1995 at 7:30:43.071 a.m. EST. Launch Window was 10 min 09 sec but Atlantis lifted off at the begining of the window. White Room close out completed at 6:18am EST. At 7:12am EST the mission management team was polled and all stations were "go for launch" except SRO. Weather constraint, cloud ceiling below 6000ft for RTLS abort. Range cleared for launch at 7:20am EST. Main Engines cutoff at 7:39am EST

Launch attempt on November 11, 1995 at 7:56am EST was scrubbed due to poor weather at the Transatlantic Abort (TAL) Site. A scrub due to a TAL site has only occured once before on 1/9/86 for Columbia's launch attempt on mission STS-61C. The mission management team decided to enter a 24 hour scrub turnaround and attempt a launch on 11/12/95. Launch Window was 6 min 57 and the countdown had begun on schedule. The crew was onboard when the scrub was called at the T-5 minute mark at approximately 7:49am EST. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 11/09/1995).
On 11/09/95, Pad 39-A was cleared to load the onboard cryogenic tanks with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen reactants. Reactant loading has been completed. The reactants will provide electricity for the orbiter and crew while in space and drinking water as a by-product during their 8-day mission.

On 9/05/95, Main engine (SSME) installation was completed in OPF Bay 2 and the Russian MIR-2 Docking Module closeout operations were completed in the Operations and Checkout Building. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 9/05/1995).

On 8/25/95, three thrusters on the right hand OMS pod were replaced in the OPF (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 8/25/1995).

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