STS-70 KSC Electronic Photo File

The following electronic images depict some of the preflight and launch activities conducted for Space Shuttle Mission STS-70. Please Note: These photos are available only in electronic form. They cannot be ordered as hard-copy prints. Click here for Contact sheet.

  • KSC-95EC-0515 small, hires, text Inertial Upper Stage booster in VPF
  • KSC-95EC-0540 small, hires, text Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS-G) at VPF
  • KSC-95EC-0575 small, hires, text STS-70 Mission Specialist Donald Thomas inspects IUS
  • KSC-95EC-0585 small, hires, text Space Shuttle Main Engine Block I engine for STS-70
  • KSC-95EC-0622 small, hires, text Closing of Payload Transport Canister in VPF of TDRS-G
  • KSC-95EC-0635 small, hires, text Discovery is rolled over to the VAB
  • KSC-95EC-0649 small, hires, text Lifting of Discovery in VAB
  • KSC-95EC-0667 small, hires, text Transporter crawler carries Discovery to Pad 39B
  • KSC-95EC-0705 small, hires, text STS-70 crew on their way to Launch Pad 39B for TCDT
  • KSC-95EC-0711 small, hires, text STS-70 Crew and Shuttle Discovery during TCDT
  • KSC-95EC-0768 small, hires, text Woodpecker damage to STS-70 External Tank
  • KSC-95EC-0823 small, hires, text Repair operations to foam insulation on STS-70 ET
  • KSC-95EC-0852 small, hires, text Woodpecker Preventative measures at Launch Pad 39B
  • KSC-95EC-0992 small, hires, text STS-70 Crew Breakfast in O&C Building
  • KSC-95EC-0998 small, hires, text STS-70 Mission Specialist Mary Ellen Weber suits up
  • KSC-95EC-0999 small, hires, text STS-70 Mission Specialist Nancy Jane Currie suits up
  • KSC-95EC-1000 small, hires, text STS-70 Commander Terence "Tom" Henricks suits up
  • KSC-95EC-1001 small, hires, text STS-70 Mission Specialist Donald A. Thomas suits up
  • KSC-95EC-1002 small, hires, text STS-70 Pilot Kevin Kregel donning his launch/entry suit

    DISCLAIMER: The 'E' in the KSC-95EC-XXX photo identification number means that these photographs are available in electronic digital form only for preview and download. They may not be ordered from NASA in photograph form. No copyright protection is asserted for these photographs. If a recognizable person appears in this photograph, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity. It may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by NASA of a commercial product.

    Photo By: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (taken by Bionetics)
    Scanned By: Mike Downs and Jim Dumoulin NASA/KSC Payload Operations
    Captions: Paula Shawa ( / SHER-10
    Curator: Jim Dumoulin ( / NASA
    Last Updated: Monday, July 10, 1995 11:40:30 EDT (J. Dumoulin)

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