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The following electronic images depict some of the preflight , launch and landing activities associated with the Space Shuttle Mission STS-70. For other shuttle missions visit the Shuttle Countdown Image/Movie Archive Please Note: These photos are available only in electronic form. They cannot be ordered as hard-copy prints. However, you are free to transfer them locally and print them on your own printer.

Available in Low,Medium,High Resolution Contact sheets.

  1. KSC-95EC-0515 - (L,M,H) - Inertial Upper Stage booster in VPF
  2. KSC-95EC-0540 - (L,M,H) - Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS-G) at VPF
  3. KSC-95EC-0575 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Mission Specialist Donald A. Thomas inspects IUS
  4. KSC-95EC-0585 - (L,M,H) - Space Shuttle Main Engine Block I engine for STS-70
  5. KSC-95EC-0622 - (L,M,H) - Closing of Payload Transport Canister in VPF of TDRS-G
  6. KSC-95EC-0635 - (L,M,H) - Discovery is rolled over to the VAB
  7. KSC-95EC-0649 - (L,M,H) - Lifting of Discovery in VAB
  8. KSC-95EC-0667 - (L,M,H) - Transporter crawler carries Discovery to Pad 39B
  9. KSC-95EC-0705 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 crew on their way to Launch Pad 39B for TCDT
  10. KSC-95EC-0711 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Crew and Shuttle Discovery during TCDT
  11. KSC-95EC-0768 - (L,M,H) - Woodpecker damage to STS-70 External Tank
  12. KSC-95EC-0823 - (L,M,H) - Repair operations to foam insulation on STS-70 ET
  13. KSC-95EC-0852 - (L,M,H) - Woodpecker Preventative measures at Launch Pad 39B
  14. KSC-95EC-0992 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Crew Breakfast in Operations and Checkout Building
  15. KSC-95EC-0998 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Mission Specialist Mary Ellen Weber suits up
  16. KSC-95EC-0999 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Mission Specialist Nancy Jane Currie suits up
  17. KSC-95EC-1000 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Commander Terence "Tom" Henricks suits up
  18. KSC-95EC-1001 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Mission Specialist Donald A. Thomas suits up
  19. KSC-95EC-1002 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Pilot Kevin Kregel donning his launch/entry suit
  20. KSC-95EC-1012 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Discovery launch before tower clear (fish eye view)
  21. KSC-95EC-1013 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Discovery launch startling the birds
  22. KSC-95EC-1014 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Launch (zoomed in view below SRB)
  23. KSC-95EC-1015 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Discovery launch startled birds at ignition
  24. KSC-95EC-1016 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Discovery launch (thru palm trees)
  25. KSC-95EC-1017 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Discovery launch (zoomed in view)
  26. KSC-95EC-1018 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Launch Discovery, Pad and smoke (front view)
  27. KSC-95EC-1019 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Launch Discovery, Pad and smoke (zoomed view)
  28. KSC-95EC-1020 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Launch Discovery, Pad and smoke (side view)
  29. DSC-95EC-0001 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Launch - Nikon E-2 Digital Image
  30. DSC-95EC-0006 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Launch - Nikon E-2 Digital Image
  31. KSC-95EC-1053 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 crew inspects nose wheel tires after landing
  32. KSC-95EC-1054 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Mission Commander Henricks inspects tire
  33. KSC-95EC-1055 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Crew in front of Discovery post landing
  34. KSC-95EC-1056 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 landing main gear touchdown (front view)
  35. KSC-95EC-1057 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 landing just before main gear touchdown
  36. KSC-95EC-1058 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 landing drag chute deploy
  37. KSC-95EC-1059 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 Discovery approaches Runway 33
  38. KSC-95EC-1060 - (L,M,H) - STS-70 landing main gear touchdown (side view)

DISCLAIMER: These photographs are available for preview and download in electronic digital color form ONLY. They are a cropped or some other electronically processed version of an original NASA negative and cannot be ordered from NASA in photograph form. No copyright protection is asserted for these photographs. If a recognizable person appears in this photograph, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity. It may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by NASA of a commercial product. (See NASA Copyright Notice)

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Photos By: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (taken by Bionetics)
Scanned By: NASA/KSC Internet Lab (Dumoulin, Downs))
Captions: Sherikon Space Systems (Paula Shawa, Susan Walsh and Chuck Weirauch)
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