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Shuttle Atlantis Launch Status

Launch September 8, 2000 Time 8:45:47 a.m EDT. Launch window was 3 minutes 57 seconds

On Friday, September 8, 2000, tanking began slightly later than planned at 12:15a.m. and was completed approximately 3 hours later. The crew ate a preflight breakfast at 3:50am. At T-minus 3 hours and holding (4:27am EDT) the crew completed its weather briefing and at 4:32 a.m. EDT, prepared to suit up for flight. At 4:50am EDT the countdown clock came out of the planned T-minus 3 hour hold. At 4:56 a.m. the crew departed the Operations and Checkout building for the 8 mile journey the Launch Pad 39-B. At 5:19 a.m. EDT the crew arrived at the white room and began entering the orbiter. At 6:25 a.m. EDT with the countdown clock at the T-minus 1 hour and 25 minute mark Air to Ground communications checks were complete and the closeout crew prepared to close the hatch. At 6:40 a.m.EDT the hatch was closed and locked for flight. At 7:51 a.m. EDT the countdown clock entered the planned hold at the T-minus 9 minute mark where weather forcasters continue to monitor weather conditions. At 8:32 a.m EDT the launch team was polled and gave a final clearance for launch. At 8:37 a.m. EDT the countdown came out of the hold and entered the final launch countdown sequence. Launch occured at the opening of the window at 8:45:47 a.m. EDT. Main Engine Cutoff occured at a mission elapsed time of 8 min 50 sec.

On Wednesday, September 6, 2000, preparation for launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on Friday morning continues to go well. Engineers in the launch control room are not working any significant issues. Last night, thunderstorms in the KSC vicinity did delay some routine work at the pad. Loading of Atlantis' onboard cryogenic tanks began at noon today and will conclude later tonight. The minor slowdown will be absorbed into the launch countdown's built-in hold time with no impact to launch. At 5:56 p.m. yesterday, the lightning protection system or lightning mast at Launch Pad 39B sustained a lightning strike. Subsequent checks confirmed that the lightning protection system performed as expected with no damage to the Shuttle or ground support equipment. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 9/06/2000)

On Thursday, August 24, 2000, KSC is no longer in any "Hurricane Condition" as a result of Hurricane Debby taking a more westerly turn overnight and being downgraded to a tropical wave. Shuttle managers will monitor tropical weather activity as work at the pad continues on schedule. Prelaunch hypergolic propellant loading operations continue today. Preparations are also underway for a scheduled hot fire of auxiliary power unit No. 1 on Friday.(Reference KSC Shuttle Status 8/24/2000)

On Tuesday, August 22, 2000, At the launch pad, technicians have completed efforts to mate the SPACEHAB tunnel inside orbiter Atlantis and payload interface verification testing is ongoing. The Helium Signature Test continues today. Further Shuttle processing will continue on schedule with prelaunch propellant loading beginning tomorrow, pending management's decision on hurricane preparedness. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 8/22/2000)

On Friday, August 11, 2000 Orbiter Atlantis is mated to the external tank and solid rocket boosters in VAB high bay 1. The Shuttle Interface Test is ongoing from firing room 1 in the Launch Control Center. The SPACEHAB payload was delivered to Launch Pad 39B today at 3:20 a.m. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 8/11/2000)

On Monday, August 7, 2000, at about 10:40 a.m. today, workers began moving orbiter Atlantis to the VAB in preparation for orbiter/external tank mating operations. The orbiter will be connected to the sling this afternoon, and lifted into high bay 1 tonight. Atlantis will be hardmated to the external tank early tomorrow morning. The Space Shuttle vehicle will be powered up on Thursday for the standard Shuttle Interface Test. Early Saturday, the entire Shuttle stack will move to VAB high bay 2 as part of final VAB safe haven fit check. Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to roll out to Launch Pad 39B from VAB high bay 2 at about 11 p.m. on Aug. 13. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 8/07/2000)

On 6/4/2000, technicians began preparations to remove Shuttle Atlantis' three main engines. Heat shield removal is ongoing and engine removal begins later this week. The payload bay doors were opened Friday and workers disconnected the payload from the orbiter over the weekend. Payload removal efforts are planned for today. Post-flight evaluations of the orbiter's auxiliary power converter unit (APCU) No. 1 confirmed that the unit is in good health and need not be replaced. Checks of the forward reaction control system begin in about two days. (Reference KSC Shuttle Status 6/05/2000)

On Friday, February 18, 2000, managers from NASA's Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) programs confirmed plans to fly an additional Space Shuttle mission to the ISS this year. The plan distributes the original STS-101 mission objectives between two flights: STS-101 and STS-106. With both missions slated for flight aboard Shuttle Atlantis, mission STS-101 remains targeted for launch no earlier than April 13 and the STS-106 launch will occur no earlier than Aug. 19. Astronauts on the new STS-106 mission will complete service module support tasks on orbit, transfer supplies and outfit ISS for the first long-duration crew.

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