51-L Movies

  1. Challenger Crew members during testing (MPEG 610K)
  2. Challenger Crew members practicing (MPEG 1.3M)
  3. Challenger Crew arrival at SLF (MPEG 1.2M)
  4. Crew boarding Challenger (1/28/86) (MPEG 1.2M)
  5. Challenger 51-L Liftoff (1/28/86) (MPEG 659K)
  6. Challenger 51-L Explosion (1/28/86) (MPEG 869K)

Author: Michael T. Downs (downs@titan.ksc.nasa.gov)/ NASA
Curators: Mike Downs,Ernest Cody,Tom Nguyen and Jim Dumoulin / NASA - Payload Operations

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