The Lauch Systems Testbed works with academia, industry, and government organizations to achieve the goal of improved launch systems.

KSC Personnel

[new item icon] Bruce Vu , PhD (NASA), Testbed Lead
[new item icon] Danielle M. Ford (NASA)
[new item icon] Max Kandula , PhD (DYNACS)
Government, Academic, and Industry Associates
[new item icon] Wright Patterson Air Force Base
[new item icon] Amir A. Mobasher, PhD, PE, Alabama A & M University
[new item icon] Kader Frendi, The Unversity of Alabama in Huntsville
[new item icon] Denis G. Karczub , PhD, SVT-Engineering Consultants
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NASA Official: James Heald ( , Director, Spaceport Engineering and Technology Directorate
Curator: Bruce Vu (
Last Revised: October 6, 2004

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