Orbiter Operations

While the payloads are being readied in the VPF, the Orbiter is being reserviced in the OPR. The GAS payloads and some no-time-critical middeck payloads are installed in the Orbiter at this point. The GAS payloads are assembled and checked out in the GAS processing facility, transported to the OPF, and installed in the Orbiter on a GAS adapter beam or bridge structure.

Once the Orbiter checkout with any payloads installed in the OPF is completed, it is towed to the VAB where it is mated with the ET and the SRBs on the MLP.

The Orbiter connections to the MLP through the Tail Service Mast are then verified as well as Orbiter to ET and SRB interfaces. Th crawler is positioned under the MLP, lifts it and carries the MLP, SRB, ET, and Orbiter on its three mile trip to the launch pad. Once there, the MLP is placed "hard-down" and connections to the launch pad are verified.

Preparation of Vertically Processed payloads for Flight
  1. Arrival and Receiving
  2. Payload Preparation
  3. Payload Hazardous Processing
  4. Upper Stage Processing (OMV, IUS, TOS, PAM)
  5. Payload Integration & CITE Testing
  6. Orbiter Operations
  7. VPF-to-Pad Operations
  8. RSS & PCR Operations
  9. Orbiter Intergration
  10. Launch & Mission
  11. Postlanding Operations

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