Upper Stage Processing (OMV, IUS, TOS, PAM)

The PSTF, ESA-60A, SAEF-2, and PHSF HPFs are also used to process the upper stage elements for their independent operations at KSC. The HPF operations associated with upper stage processing are assembly, spin balancing, ordnance installation, interface testing with cradles or airborne support equipment, and final mating with payloads. Upper stage solid rocket motors not needed for immediate launch may be stored at the Ordnance Storage Facility located on CCAFS. In addition, the Missile Research & Test Building and the Non-Destructive Test Lab may be used to perform cold soak testing and X-ray checks of the solid motors prior to final assembly into flight configuration.

Upper stages are the solid propellant stages such as: the IUS developed by the US Air Force for both itself and NASA; the Transfer Orbit Stage (TOS); and the Payload Assist Module (PAM D or D II); and the hypergolic fueled Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle (OMV).

Assembly and testing of an IUS upper stage are performed in the east low bay of the Solid Motor Assembly Building at CCAFS prior to transfer to the VPF for mating and testing with the payload.

Following the payload owner's hazardous operations, the payloads that utilize a PAM D or DII stage will be moved to a commercial off-site processing facility where they will be mated to the booster/cradle assembly, sun shields will be installed, and a system checkout performed. The payload/booster is then prepared for transport and placed in the PAM transporter for its trip to the VPF.

Preparation of Vertically Processed payloads for Flight
  1. Arrival and Receiving
  2. Payload Preparation
  3. Payload Hazardous Processing
  4. Upper Stage Processing (OMV, IUS, TOS, PAM)
  5. Payload Integration & CITE Testing
  6. Orbiter Operations
  7. VPF-to-Pad Operations
  8. RSS & PCR Operations
  9. Orbiter Intergration
  10. Launch & Mission
  11. Postlanding Operations

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