Payload Hazardous Processing

Two facilities on CCAFS, the Payload Spin Test Facility (PSTF) and the Explosive Safe Area 60A (ESA-60A), as well as the SAEF-2 and the PHSF at KSC handle vertical payloads the point in their processing in which hazardous operations are involved.

Typical hazardous operations include liquid mono/bi-propellant loading, installations of solid propellant apogee motors or ordnance separation devices, and other potential explosive or hazardous items.

After assembly, checkout, and hazardous operations have been completed, the heavier payloads requiring an Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) or larger upper stage will be transported to the VPF for mating with their respective upper stage.

Preparation of Vertically Processed payloads for Flight
  1. Arrival and Receiving
  2. Payload Preparation
  3. Payload Hazardous Processing
  4. Upper Stage Processing (OMV, IUS, TOS, PAM)
  5. Payload Integration & CITE Testing
  6. Orbiter Operations
  7. VPF-to-Pad Operations
  8. RSS & PCR Operations
  9. Orbiter Intergration
  10. Launch & Mission
  11. Postlanding Operations

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