Experiment Integration

When staging and experiment preparation have been completed, NASA KSC proceeds with installation of the individual experiments and makes the necessary mechanical, electrical, and fluid connections. In addition to the laboratory space that you use for test and checkout, each experiment will be assigned a dedicated are in one of the payload user rooms, if required. These user rooms are located on the fourth floor of the O&C Building and are outfitted to provide certain communication and data handling services. By pre-arrangement, these services may be used to support experiment checkout and monitoring throughout the entire processing flow until launch.

Limited command capability from the user room to your GSE can be prearranged. Equipment and services provide by NASA in the user rooms include cathode-ray tube and strip-chart recorder display capability for experiment data, Spacelab voice channel links, and a closed-circuit television monitoring system. If you have specialized checkout and/or data reduction equipment, there is reserved space and interface capability in the user room. Again, you need to identify any such equipment, or the need for it, to your mission manager as soon as possible. Limited user room capability is available for special structures and non-Spacelab pallets.

During the experiment integration process, a team of specially trained KSC personnel will conduct tests to verify the experiment interfaces. These test data are routed to your GSE in the user room for evaluation. Base on analysis of these data, you are expected to confirm proper operation of your experiment. Details of the working relationship between you and the KSC test team will be discussed at the planning meetings for your mission.

During experiment integration, as well as other stages of the integration process, payload-specialist members of the flight crew may serve as test operators on a pre-planned basis to develop proficiency, experience, and an understanding of integrated payload operations. The experiment integration area is equipped with an Orbiter aft flight deck simulation stand that provides mission-specialist and payload-specialist station mockups for crew training and operational verification of certain flight equipment.

  1. Arrival and Receiving
  2. Preparation and Staging
  3. Experiment Integration
  4. Spacelab Integration
  5. CITE Testing
  6. Transport to OPF
  7. Orbiter Integration
  8. OPF-to-VAB Transfer
  9. Assembly and Rollout
  10. Launch Pad Operations
  11. Launch and Mission
  12. Post-Flight Payload Operations

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