Arrival and Receiving

Your experiment and attendant ground support equipment (GSE) can be delivered to KSC via air, sea, or land. In addition to major highways and onsite rail spur, barge docks are located on the Banana River, and there is an international seaport of entry at Port Canaveral. Foreign and domestic shipments may be flown into the Orlando International Airport, about one hour from KSC by road. US Customs Service can be provided at KSC or the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) landing facilities, if arrangements are made in advance.

The Spacelab payload processing flow begins when your experiment and GSE arrive at the O&C Building in the KSC industrial area. The first step is receiving and inspection. The initial inspection is intended to identify any visible shipping damage. Responsibility for detailed inspection rests with the experiment owner when equipment is unpacked and set up in an assigned laboratory in the O&C Building.

  1. Arrival and Receiving
  2. Preparation and Staging
  3. Experiment Integration
  4. Spacelab Integration
  5. CITE Testing
  6. Transport to OPF
  7. Orbiter Integration
  8. OPF-to-VAB Transfer
  9. Assembly and Rollout
  10. Launch Pad Operations
  11. Launch and Mission
  12. Post-Flight Payload Operations

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