SORCE/Pegasus Launch - Video from Cape Canaveral

OSC Pegasus with SORCE launched Saturday, January 25, 2003
3:13 p.m. EDT (20:13 UTC)

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SORCE/Pegasus Launch SORCE/Pegasus Launch SORCE/Pegasus Launch
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The Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) payload was launched at 3:13:37.934 (20:13:37 GMT) on Saturday, January 24, 2003 from an Orbital Sciences L-1011 aircraft departing from the Cape Canaveral Air Station Skid Strip. The launch window extended from 3:10 p.m. EDT to 4:08 p.m. EDT. SORCE will monitor the Sun greatly improve the accuracy of the measurements of solar energy. Major experiments inlude the Total Irradiance Monitor (TIM), the Spectral Irradiance Monitor (SIM), the Solar Stellar Comparison Experiment (SOLSTICE) and the Extreme Ultraviolet Photometer System (XPS)

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