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Titan-II with NOAA-L launched 9/21/2000 from VAFB SLC-4W at 3:22 a.m. PDT (10:22 UTC)

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Launched at 6:22 a.m. EDT. (3:22 a.m. PDT / 10:22 a.m UTC) 9/21/00
from VAFB SLC-4W with a 10 minute window.

Launch was originally scheduled for 6:22 a.m. EDT. (3:22 a.m. PDT) on 9/20/00 with a 10 minute launch window. At 6:14 a.m. EDT, the launch was scrubbed for 24 hours due to a concern with an onboard transistor on the Titan-II launch vehicle.

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