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Since no one source can answer every question, we hope you find the information here on KSC's FAQs page helpful. If you'd like more information, additional links are listed below KSC's FAQs to help you in your search.

How fast does a Shuttle travel? What is its altitude? How much fuel does it use?
Is the flag still on the Moon?
What is a launch window?
Who was the youngest astronaut to date?
Who was the oldest astronaut to fly on the Space Shuttle?
How much does it cost to launch a Space Shuttle?
When are we going to Mars? And when are we going back to the Moon?
Can I apply to take a ride on the Space Shuttle? Can I be the first kid in Space?
Is there any chance for a school to run a science experiment on the Shuttle?
What are the names of the Space Shuttle orbiters?
How much does the Space Shuttle cost?
What happens to used spacecraft? Where is the Enterprise, the first Space Shuttle?
Where in the sky can I see the Space Shuttle?
Can the Space Shuttle fly to the Moon?
How do astronauts go to the bathroom and take care of their personal hygiene?
What is the temperature in space?
How much does a spacecraft weigh when it is in space?
How can I watch a Shuttle launch in person? Can I get a car pass?


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