Sagan Memorial Station

 1 May 1998

4:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7 hrs.)

What is New 1-MAY-98

We are now processing data acquired during the extended mission. The latest information will be released as it becomes available.
4-NOV-97 Pathfinder Status
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Original Pathfinder Website: Prior to the Mars landing on July 4, 1997.

Beyond 1997 - Rocky 7: the Long Range Science Rover!

Web Interface for Telescience: Plan and simulate your own rover mission

Mars Global Surveyor: Currently in orbit around Mars.

Mars Surveyor 98: Will look for evidence of past and present water on Mars.

Mars Surveyor 2001: Will send a sample-collecting rover to Mars.

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(4-22-98) Fantastic 3-D Color Anaglyphs by Tim Parker


(4-8-98) Science Results Directory


 ( 3-10-98 ) Raw Pathfinder Data Now Available from PDS


 (3-MAR-98) Anaglyph 3-D Stereo Archive



(3-MAR-98) Stereo Pairs Archive

( 9-FEB-98 ) Additional Science Articles are now On-line


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