NASA Photo ID: STS066-117-014      File Name: 20179544.jpg
  Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 11/14/94
  Title: Malaspina Glacier, Alaska as seen from STS-66 Atlantis
  Malaspina Glacier can be seen in this north-northeastern photograph taken
  in November, 1994. The glacier, located in the south shore of Alaska is a
  classic example of a piedmont glacier lying along the foot of a mountain
  range. The principal source of ice for the glacier is provided by the
  Seward Ice Field to the north (top portion of the view) which flows through
  three narrow outlets onto the coastal plain. The glacier moves in surges
  that rush earlier-formed moraines outward into the expanding concentric
  patterns along the flanks of the ice mass.
  Subject terms:
  ATLANTIS (ORBITER)                      
  SEA ICE                                 

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