NASA Photo ID: STS066-154-157      File Name: 10122872.jpg
  Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 11/14/94
  Title: Indonesia as seen from STS-66 shuttle Atlantis
  This is a striking, oblique view to the south of the Indonesian islands of
  Java (right), Bali and Lombok (upper left). The linear array of dark
  regions across the photo is a chain of volcanoes which make up the back
  bone of this part of the Indonesian Islands. This chain has been quite
  active over the past six months. Plumes of steam can be seen rising from
  the summits of Arjuno (west-central Java) and Merapi (central Java, near
  the right side of this photo). The region appears hazy due to an extended
  drought over Indonesia and Australia. Because of drought conditions, huge
  fires continue to burn over other regions of Indonesia, New Guinea and
  norther Australia, producing a regional smoke pall.
  Subject terms:
  ATLANTIS (ORBITER)                      

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