NASA Photo ID: STS054-71-077       File Name: 10065449.jpg
  Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 01/19/93
  Title: IUS / TDRS-F drifts above the Earth's surface after STS-54 deployment
  The inertial upper stage (IUS) / Tracking and Data Relay Satellite F
  (TDRS-F)  spacecraft combination drifts above the Earth's cloud-covered
  surface as  Endeavour's, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 105's, orbital maneuvering
  system (OMS)  engines are ignited to separate the orbiter from the
  IUS/TDRS. The IUS nozzle  is pointed toward OV-105 with the TDRS, still in
  stowed configuration, barely  visible on top of it. IUS/TDRS was deployed
  during STS-54's first day.                
  Subject terms:
  EARTH LIMB                              
  EARTH SURFACE                           
  ENDEAVOUR (ORBITER)                     
  INERTIAL UPPER STAGE                    
  TDR SATELLITES                          

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