NASA Photo ID: S92-46717           File Name: 10065435.jpg
  Film Type: 120mm                   Date Taken: 09/29/92
  Title: Extended Duration Orbiter (EDO) Improved Waste Collection System (IWCS)
  This overall front view shows the Extended Duration Orbiter (EDO) Waste 
  Collection System (WCS) scheduled to fly aboard NASA's Endeavour, Orbiter 
  Vehicle (OV) 105, for the STS-54 mission.  Detailed Test Objective 662, 
  Extended duration orbiter WCS evaluation, will verify the design of the new 
  EDO WCS under microgravity conditions for a prolonged period. OV-105 has
  been  modified with additional structures in the waste management
  compartment (WMC)  and additional avionics to support/restrain the EDO WCS. 
  Among the  advantages the new IWCS is hoped to have over the currect WCS
  are greater  dependability, better hygiene, virtually unlimited capacity,
  and more  efficient preparation between shuttle missions.  Unlike the
  previous WCS, the  improved version will not have to be removed from the
  spacecraft to be  readied for the next flight.  The WCS was documented in
  JSC's Crew Systems  Laboratory Bldg 7.          
  Subject terms:
  ENDEAVOUR (ORBITER)                     
  HUMAN WASTES                            
  ONBOARD EQUIPMENT                       
  SPACE SHUTTLES                          
  WASTE DISPOSAL                          

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