NASA Photo ID: S90-48372           File Name: 10065418.jpg
  Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 09/17/90
  Title: ASCAN Helms simulates parachute jump during VAFB training exercises
  1990 Group 13 Astronaut Candidate (ASCAN) Susan J. Helms simulates a 
  parachute jump during ground egress and parasail training exercises at
  Vance  Air Force Base (VAFB), Enid, Oklahoma.  With her arms folded against
  her  chest, Helms jumps from a brick platform onto the ground.  In line
  behind her  are Charles J. Precourt followed by Leroy Chiao.  The training
  is designed to  prepare the ASCANs for proper survival measures to take in
  the event of an  emergency aboard the T-38 jet trainer aircraft they will
  frequently use once  they become full-fledged astronauts.  ASCANs completed
  the VAFB training  courses from 07-29-90 through 07-31-90.             
  Subject terms:
  ASTRONAUT TRAINING                      
  VANCE AIR FORCE BASE                    

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