NASA Photo ID: STS052-151-160      File Name: 10065353.jpg
  Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 11/01/92
  Title: Libyan Desert, Libya, Africa
  Desert landscapes such as this part of the northern Sahara (27.0N, 11.0E)
  may  be analogous to other planets which have no soil or plant growth.  The
  dark  rocks in this view are probably volcanic in origin and have many
  stream beds  leading into the dune areas.  These stream beds carry
  sediments towards the  lower terrain where the water evaporates, leaving
  the sediments to be wind     blown into the complex dune patterns.  The red
  color comes from iron oxides.                  
  Subject terms:
  SAHARA DESERT (AFRICA)                  
  SAND DUNES                              

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