NASA Photo ID: STS052-80-064       File Name: 10065348.jpg
  Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 11/01/92
  Title: Lake Chad, Chad, Africa
  Hydrologic and ecologic changes in the Lake Chad Basin are shown in this
  Oct  1992 photograph.  In space photo documentation, Lake Chad was at its
  greatest  area extent (25,000 sq. km.) during Gemini 9 in June 1966 (see
  S66-38444).   Its reduction during the severe droughts from 1968 to 1974
  was first noted  during Skylab (1973-1974).  After the drought began again
  in 1982, the lake  reached its minimum extent (1,450 sq. km.) in Space
  Shuttle photographs taken  in 1984 and 1985.  In this STS-52 photograph,
  Lake Chad has begun to recover.  The area of the open water and interdunal
  impoundments in the southern basin  (the Chari River Basin) is estimated to
  be 1,900 to 2100 sq. km.  Note the  green vegetation in the valley of the
  K'Yobe flow has wetted the northern  lake basin for the first time in
  several years.  There is evidence of biomass  burning south of the K'Yobe
  Delta and in the vegetated interdunal areas near  the dike in the center of
  the lake.  Also note the dark "Green Line" of the  Sahel (the grass-brush
  biome that runs across Africa south of the Sahara  Desert).  Mature
  thunderstorms and squall lines of the African Intertropical  Front (ITF)
  are visible south of the lake.        
  Subject terms:
  EARTH LIMB                              

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