NASA Photo ID: STS052-71-057       File Name: 10065337.jpg
  Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 11/01/92
  Title: STS-52 CANEX-2 Canadian Target Assembly (CTA) held by RMS over OV-102's PLB
  In operation during STS-52 above the payload bay (PLB) of Columbia, Orbiter 
  Vehicle (OV) 102, is the Canadian Experiment 2 (CANEX-2) Space Vision
  System  (SVS) experiment. Target dots have been placed on the Canadian
  Target  Assembly (CTA), a small spacecraft, in the grasp of the
  Canadian-built remote  manipulator system (RMS) arm.  With the shuttle's
  closed circuit television  (CCTV) system, the payload specialist monitors
  the movement of the 4-foot by  7-foot by 1.5-foot deployed spacecraft,
  whose surface is covered with many  sets of dots of know spacing.  As the
  satellite moved via the RMS, the SVS  computer measured the changing
  position of the dots and provided real-time  television display of the
  location and orientation of the CTA.  This type of  information is expected
  to help an operator guide the RMS or the Mobile  Servicing System (MSS) of
  the future when berthing or deploying satellites.  Also visible on the RMS
  is another CANEX-2 payload, the Material Exposure in  Low Earth Orbit
  (MELEO).  On the mission-peculiar equipment support structure  (MPESS)
  carriers in the center background is the United States (U.S.)  Microgravity
  Payload 1 (USMP-1) with Space Acceleration Measurement System  (SAMS),
  MEPHISTO (its French abbreviation), Lambda Point Experiment (LPE)  cryostat
  assembly (identified by JPL insignia), and LPE vacuum maintenance 
  assembly.  On the starboard wall (left)) is the Attitude Sensor Package 
  Subject terms:
  CANADIAN SPACE PROGRAM                  
  COLUMBIA (ORBITER)                      
  END EFFECTORS                           
  PAYLOAD BAY                             
  SPACEBORNE EXPERIMENTS                  

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