NASA Photo ID: STS050-85-037       File Name: 10065283.jpg
  Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 07/09/92
  Title: Dust Storm, Red Sea and Saudi Arabia
  Outlined against the dark blue water of the Red Sea, a prominent dust storm 
  is making its way across the Red Sea into Saudi Arabia (22.0N, 39.0E)
  between  the Islamic holy cities of Medinah and Mecca.  Funneled through a
  gap in the  coastal ranges of southern Sudan near the Ethiopian border,
  dust storms  frequently will blow counter to the prevailing tropical
  easterly winds of the  region.                  
  Subject terms:
  DUST STORM                              
  EARTH LIMB                              
  RED SEA                                 
  SAUDI ARABIA                            

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